At Peace we understand how intimidating Christianity can be.  One Bible which centers on One Savior; 66 individual books filled with real history, hard sayings, comforting topics, daily applications, eternal perspectives, the breath of forgiveness . . . so much to ponder, so many questions to ask!

So . . . ask!  . . . and let's find the answers together!  Whether you'd prefer a one-on-one topical discussion at a local coffee shop, a classroom style presentation of the basics of Christianity, a small-group setting, or an individual direction, Pastor Stern is thrilled to sit with, talk with, and discuss with you whatever it is that's on your inquiring heart.  Please, just text or email him to set something up (text: 720.315.0910; email:

Please know that Pastor Stern is happy to construct a course to fit your questions,  your background, and your schedule - in fact, he loves doing that.  Additionally, you're certainly also welcome to join in any of our already-existing classes (and no Bible-background is necessary to attend). 

Just a few of the classes offered through the ministry of Peace in Boulder. . .

  • Dealin' - life is hard and life hurts.  It's not as though Christians don't deal with those things; we do . . .  but we're also blessed to deal with things on the basis of God's promises.  This course is designed to take the "hard hands" of life & scour the Spirit Inspired for God's promises connected to it for strength & stability in this world - and for the next!  Currently meets Tuesday nights at 6:30p at Peace. 
  • Reformation Impact -  500 years ago, a monk named Martin Luther nailed 95 discussion statements to a door . . . and the Lutheran Reformation began.  But it's impact isn't narrowed on to one little church body; it's wonderfully impacted so many facets of church and life.  This study discusses the Reformation's Impact on translation, education, preaching, & worship.  Currently meets Sunday mornings at 8:30a at Peace.
  • Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask - this study uses the book by Mark Mittleberg to address common questions individuals have in connection to the Bible; additionally (and primarily) it uses the Bible to answers those questions with confidence & clarity.  
  • Moses - a general overlook at the individual whom   the Lord used to physically lead his people out of slavery in Egypt)
  • Cross-fit Relationships (focuses on the cross' impact in relationships; currently taught as a pre- marriage counseling & marriage enrichment class)
  • Idols you didn't know you had
  • Meet Christianity (a Bible basics class with discussions from CS Lewis' Mere Christianity)
  • The Pieces of Peace (a Bible basics class geared as an introduction to Christianity)
  • Seeking Spirituality (a course developed to help deal with guilt, doubt, & life direction)
  • Church Shopping: Niceties vs. Necessities (what truly matters in your church home)
  • Equally Great Acts (a discussion on the Book of Acts)
  • Lovely Women of the Word (a glance at Scriptures beautiful portrayal of godly women)
  • Discretely David (a study of King David's "lesser known but still important" history)