At Peace we’re blessed to actively exist in and share God’s Word in Boulder County.  Located on the SW corner of Jay and 28th in North Boulder, we gather to grow in grace and knowledge of the Truth (II Peter 3:18), to encourage and to be encouraged, and to help our community as our resources responsibly allow (along those lines, it's certainly not uncommon to see Pastor Stern or other Peace people volunteer at Boulder's Emergency Family Assistance Association, help out with a Boulder EXPAND activity, at work in our Growing Gardens managed community garden ["Living Harvest"], or voluntarily help direct runners for the Bolder Boulder).

Though our church is small in stature (I Samuel 16:7 & Matthew 18:20) we so enjoy the special, familial blessing of knowing one another on a personal level, of praying for one another with genuine care, of encouraging one another, and of meeting with one another on an individual basis - that goes for our people as well as our pastor.

But, just because we’re “small,” that doesn’t mean we’re insignificant or solitary.  Truth be told, our ministry exists in nearly 2 dozen different congregations just in Colorado, in nearly 1300 congregations nationwide, and expands well past that globally (not to mention the work we do on every level of the education system & the Bible-founded publications we put to print for the world to see through our publisher, the Northwestern Publishing House []).

The way we’re able to carry on such massive amounts of work is by being part of a “synod” – a group that shares a common stance on the Bible and walks together in the work of sharing the good news of Jesus.  For more on our church body, the Wisconsin Synod, please check out our synod’s website:

The best way to witness all that?  Come, see for yourself!  It'd be great to have you join us!