What a marvelous blessing & responsibility & privilege he'd been given.  In a land not his own, with faith on his heart, he worked diligently to serve his God and his government.  And, for that beautiful example of a Christian who carries out his civil responsibilities, Nehemiah is well-titled a "good and faithful servant."

How wonderful that we, too, living in this great land get to serve our God and our government with hearts of faith and spirits of grace.  Truly, with the Word on our hearts, it's a privilege and a responsibility and a blessing that we enjoy as we serve faithfully and well.

To read a sermon on that truth, please click here: Nehemiah 2:1-9.

To hear a sermon on that truth, please click here: Nehemiah 2:1-9.

To follow a service outline highlighting that truth, please click here: Pentecost 20.



Neat Sunday here at Peace today where we ponder God's grace in our lives & learn to reflect it in our relationships.  I guess, in essence, that's what we do every Sunday - rejoce in forgiving grace & learn to apply it daily & diligently in our todays & tomorrows - but today has a special focus on the "to whom" reflect it.  Today, we ponder and praise God for the gift of government & celebrate the realty that even as we live under Jesus' kingdom in righteousness, innocence, and blessedness; and just as we serve Jesus as King, we also give thanks and pray for the leaders he's placed over us to be his representatives on earth.  So God bless our native land!