At Peace, we recognize with thanksgiving the blessing we have in this Gospel-proclaiming ministry and the means by which this ministry is supported.  If you're so moved to support our work in any number of     ways, we'd be most grateful.  Just a few opportunities to do so:

Offer A Gift

With the good news of his sure promise, the Lord moves hearts to financially support this ministry.  For even considering a gift to our ministry, thank you!  If you'd like to help out financially, please consider following the prompt "give a gift" to do so.  Again, thank you!

Offer a Prayer

Our Jesus promises to listen, hear, & answer prayers.  Please know how much we appreciate you placing our ministry before the Savior's throne.  Dear friend, for your support of this ministry through your offered-prayers, thank you!


H E L P    T H R O U G H    T H E   H U R T.

At Peace, we're mightily blessed to be a part of a larger church organization (a “synod”) which seeks to help in aid & relief efforts after crises like natural disasters, devastations, & their aftermaths.  If you'd like to support specified aid & relief efforts and/or direct a gift to support help through the hurt, we'd humbly ask you to please consider donating to Christian Aid & Relief, a ministry of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  $0.92 out of every $1.00 given directly helps those affected by the disasters.  For a link to that page, please click here; and, as always, thanks so very much!